At Timbercraft we create bespoke Conservatories that give you the flexibility to build a space personal to you. If you are looking to give yourself additional space, then a Conservatory is the ideal commitment. With standard fit designs now a thing of the past, we are able to combine your imagination with our expertise to create a completely tailored build.

A Conservatory becomes a key feature of your home, a lifestyle choice in effect as you look to combine living space with an open window to your garden. We make sure never to limit ourselves to traditional or classic builds, utilising creative, bespoke glass structures that meet your exact requirements. Whether looking to utilise your conservatory for growing house plants, a kitchen extension or just an additional room to relax to at the end of a long day, we take all specifications into account when designing and developing your ideal build.

Thanks to the expert craftsmen we are able to call upon in our workshop in Essex, each component is able to be designed and manufactured to the minutest of details. This means that there are no restrictions to how your conservatory is structured. Take advantage of an unusual space outside your home by creating a Conservatory to match. Not only are we skilled in timber creations, but also glass architecture too. This allows us to meet industry standards in everything we craft.

Our Conservatories aren’t just build for aesthetic pleasure though, and we also focus on the practicality and durability of what we build. Depending on your ambitions we can bring warmth to your home, or a bright expanse of space and light. Whether extending a room you already have or developing a completely separate living space, we build a structure to last and give you pleasure for years to come.

To discuss your own unique Timbercraft project and have bespoke windows and doors developed for your home call 01206 841 433 today. Quotes are provided within 48 hours of contact. With no minimum order and a turnaround on average between 4 – 6 weeks, you could be making extraordinary changes to your home sooner than you think.